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Exporting CSP reports from OCULUS Pentacam Mapping Oxygen Transmissibility for Scleral Lenses Custom Back Surface Sclerals for Regular Cornea Is your OCT lying to you? Pinguecula Monster Gaudi Scleral – customization beyond imaginable limits.
Customizing Pentacam export settings to output data in Gaudi readable format. Learn how Gaudi software generates maps of oxygen transmissibility and how to utilize these maps in your lens designs. Learn how Dr. Trevor Fosso used custom back surface scleral lenses to achieve a first lens fit on a patient with mild dry eye syndrome. Why OCT measurements of scleral lens vault are often overestimated, and how to apply a refractive index correction. Learn how Dr. Sheila Morrison used the customization options of the Gaudi scleral lens to achieve a comfortable fit over a large pinguecula. How Gaudi software lets you customize any aspect of the scleral lens design.

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Valley Contax is the exclusive US manufacturer of Gaudi Scleral lenses

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